ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENTS: Amelia Regnante is nominated as a Community Star

“TOTALLY devoted and dedicated” – that is how children’s theatre group founder Amelia Regnante has been described.

Amelia, who launched Anyone4Theatre? in 2006 and also runs the Regnante School of Performing Arts, both in Worthing, has been nominated in our Arts and Entertainment category of the Community Stars Awards.

Ameilia set up Anyone4Theatre? in 2006 and the group has put on various shows, the most recent being Seussical the Musical at the Pavilion Theatre in April.

The group is fee-free and was set up to encourage youngsters to get involved in something positive, take on new challenges and gain confidence.

Rachel Cooper, whose children are Anyone4Theatre? members, nominated Amelia.

She said: “Amelia is totally devoted to not only all her regular lessons but mainly to A4T which gives children an opportunity to perform on stage. She does a lot of work out of pure love.”

Rachel added: “Amelia puts every ounce of energy and time into this and is so passionate about it. She loves children and they are like a family. All the children involved have total respect for each other – it is amazing to see.

“She really deserves praising for what she does and what she has achieved. Amelia is definitely a big, bright star.”

Anyone4Theatre? is aimed at the 12-18 age bracket and with its junior company, founded 2008, for those ahed five to 11.

Every member is given the opportunity to take part in shows and musicals, whatever their talents, be they performing, costume, make-up, sound, lighting, props or just generally helping out.

Rehearsals take place at the the Glynn Owen Centre, in South Farm Road, Worthing.

Amelia was delighted to hear she had been nominated for a Community Stars award.

The 27-year-old said: “It’s really lovely to be nominated. It’s so touching. I love what I do, so it is so nice to realise my time and effort is appreciated.”

Amelia, of Canterbury Road, said she and her siblings run the company for children from low-income and deprived backgrounds.

Amelia said: “I really feel like I am doing something for our small community. I just think what you give you get back.”