Attacked Lancing teenager refused operation funding

Robin Fonteneau  with mum , Tara,  W27060H12.
Robin Fonteneau with mum , Tara, W27060H12.

A TEENAGER who was beaten up in an unprovoked attack has been refused funding for an operation to repair his nose.

Robin Fonteneau has already had two unsuccessful procedures to try to repair his broken septum, but has now been told an operation to finally repair it will not be funded by NHS Sussex.

His outraged mother Tara said she could not believe the decision, and is going to lodge an appeal.

Tara, 43, of Cecil Road, Lancing, said: “I just thought that because it was an unprovoked attack, that they would just do the operation.

“Robin was gutted.

“He said every time he looks in the mirror, he sees his attacker, and until his nose is repaired that’s going to keep happening.”


The attack happened on March 5.

A few days later, Sir Robert Woodard pupil Robin had the first procedure, but when that failed to repair his nose, he had a second, in April.

This, once again, failed to repair his nasal passage, and he has been left with an injury that his surgeon said could make breathing difficult.

In a letter from the independent funding review panel, it stated the operation – called a septorhinoplasty – would not be funded because it was “a low priority in terms of competing demands for limited resources”.

NHS Sussex

A spokeswoman from NHS Sussex said: “If Robin is continuing to experience medical problems we would encourage him to speak directly to his clinician who can advise him of the treatments and procedures that are readily available on the NHS that may help him.

“Although the specific treatment that his clinician requested is not routinely funded by the NHS, there are a number of options which the NHS funds automatically to help problems with his airways.”