Auction will help to fund vital treatment

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A GORING couple are desperately trying to raise enough money to enable them to send their disabled son for specialist treatment.

Laura and Kevin Moore’s two-year-old son William has severe dystonic motor disorder, and they want to take him to the Brainwave centre in Somerset, where staff hope to give him better control of neck and arms.

To raise the £525 needed for the two-day assessment, they are holding an online charity auction through Facebook, with prizes including a year of bootcamp-style training and jewellery.

Laura, 34, of Ashurst Close, said: “It was a difficult decision to decide to take William to Brainwave, not only because of the fund-raising, but also because it makes it really real there is something wrong with him.

But we have had an initial consultation over the phone, and they have said they can definitely help him and so we’re feeling positive about that.”

William was born three weeks early in February, 2009. He suffered a lack of oxygen which resulted in him suffering brain damage.

This means he has mobility problems and finds it difficult to hold his neck up and use his arms.

Laura found out about Brainwave – a charity helping children’s physical and cognitive development – on the internet, and thought it could help William.

Since then, she said, she has heard of several parents in Worthing who go there and have found it beneficial to their children.

After the initial two-day assessment, William will have to return to Brainwave every six to eight months to be monitored and to receive an updated physiotherapy programme.

William currently receives NHS physiotherapy – although as reported in the Herald this service is under threat – which is why the family have to pay for Brainwave themselves.

The treatment offered there is more intensive, and follow-up sessions cost around £280 so the family will need to continue fund-raising over the coming years.

Laura said: “They work with everyone individually to find out your aims for your child and they have told us what we hope for William is realistic.

“I’ve only heard good things about it, so we hope it will be positive.”

The auction will be run via the couple’s facebook page – – from May 14-21. There is a minimum bid on each item, starting as low as £1.

Other items include a handyman for half a day, a £50 photography voucher and a child’s hand or foot print cast. eople can submit bids via the Facebook page, or by emailing Laura at

Laura writes a blog, which can be viewed at http://raisingachildwithaseveremotordiso