Barclays revamp in Worthing hailed a success

A major revamp of Barclays Bank in Worthing has been welcomed by its staff and management.

The work on the site in Chapel Road, involved its temporary closure last month for extensive remodelling of its customer facilities.

While broadly welcomed by customers, concerns had been expressed over the removal of the branch’s marble pillar facades, which it claimed would not be possible to find matching replacements for.

Its upgrades include amendments to its hall, flooring and ceilings, air conditioning and improved customer meeting facilities. The branch has also gained state of the art open counters with no glass between customers and cashiers.

Branch manager Mark Wiggett said: “This is a major investment in Worthing and a vote of confidence in the area.”

One of the company’s most significant areas of business has been its mortgage provision. Its latest figures show home owners now pay three times the national average to move up the property chain.

In analysis of 50,000 mortgage applications, it found home owners in the region looking to move from a one to two bedroom property can expect to pay an average of £73,797 – compared to the national average of £26,000.

Those taking the next step up the ladder can expect to pay, on average £79,417 for a third bedroom. This doubles again from three to four bedrooms, with buyers incurring an average price hike of £161,270 for a home in the region.