Beach Green building looks to build sea defences

Building work at Lancing Beach Green SUS-150501-123812001
Building work at Lancing Beach Green SUS-150501-123812001

OWNERS of the Beach Green building on Lancing seafront have approached the parish council to get approval for new sea defences.

Managing director of Strenson Solar, Alexander Hole, who purchased the building a few years ago, told Lancing Parish Council last Wednesday that he would like to install gabions on the south side of the building, which will also double up as benches for residents.

In order to do this Mr Hole would require permission to increase the easement by 70cm to one metre and widen the path.

Mr Hole said that following storms in January and February 2014, he has had to keep moving the shingle up to protect the building.

“Gabions are a common form of sea defence and common for structural retention, and you can line them with blocks to make them very weather tight,” he said.

Councillor Steve Martin said he would be a lot happier if the work had official approval by local sea defence experts.

“It seems to me an ad hoc idea on the basis of you seeing the sea come up and you’re now very concerned,” he said.

Mr Hole said his company was trying to set in place a system that was going to last a long time rather than just a short-term solution.

Mr Hole added that he had spoken to the Environment Agency, which had agreed to make a visit and assess the site.

Mr Martin said he would like to see what the agency had to say before making a decision.

Chairman James Butcher said gabions were also used in Widewater.

“At the next meeting we’ll make a decision on that,” he said.