Beach Green skate park on the cards

SKATERS will be pleased to know the parish council is looking into the cost of building a skate park on Lancing’s Beach Green.

The idea is not a new one, but it was brought to the fore once again at a residents’ meeting on May 29, by resident Andrew Eggington, who said it would be good fun for the village’s youngsters.

“Today I went past the Shoreham one and it was packed,” said Mr Eggington.

“There must have been 50 or 60 people there.

“I think a skateboard park should be high on the agenda of things we need.”

Other residents spoke in support of the idea, saying it would keep young people off the streets as well as keeping them fit and active.

The idea was discussed by Lancing Parish Council at a meeting on June 4, and most of those who attended though it would.

Since the residents’ meeting, the council has contacted two skate-park-design firms to get an idea of the cost and now a full costing will go ahead.

Councillor Steve Martin said the idea had been discussed many times over the last ten years, but cost had been a problem.

“I understand our new car park has taken on popularity with skateboarders anyway,” said Mr Martin.

Lancing Regeneration’s Frances Smith said it would be an ‘absolutely fantastic’ idea but reminded residents that the Shoreham skate park had cost more than £150,000 to build.

Ann Bridges added: “We are talking megabucks here.”