Beach litter is ‘disgusting’

Litter on Worthing beach near The Lido
Litter on Worthing beach near The Lido
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CALLS have been made for beach-goers to clear up after themselves, after an area of the seafront was this week consistently strewn with rubbish.

The beach immediately west of the Lido was this week covered with cans, used barbecues, bags, and other bits of rubbish.

The rubbish was noticed by Jane Vejay, who described the waste as “appalling”.

Maureen Green, of George V Avenue, Goring, was sitting on a bench by the seafront when the Herald visited the rubbish.

She said she thought the mess was “disgusting”.

The 72-year-old said: “It’s disgusting. People should be picking up after themselves. And if it keeps on continuing, perhaps they should put up a sign where the beach is worst affected. There are bylaws about littering, but people just ignore them.”

Sarah Garbutt, from Adur and Worthing councils, urged people to take more responsibility to clean up after themselves when spending time at the beach.

She said: “We know the weather is nice, but if people are going to have a nice time they should take their litter with them. We all have responsibility for our actions and it’s a shame when people think it’s ok to leave litter and rubbish around.”

Sarah said it was best to report bad cases of rubbish-dumping to the council, which would then deal with the problem.

And because of the warm weather coming early this year, Sarah said the council’s waste services team would begin picking up the rubbish on a daily basis before Easter, with the council’s contractors starting just after Easter.