Beatles record finds a buyer after auction

The record goes under the hammer
The record goes under the hammer

A rare Beatles record which was signed by the band has been sold for £12,000 after it failed to attract any bidders at auction last week.

The Gold Label pressing of The Beatles’ debut album, “Please Please Me”, was up for auction last Tuesday at Campbells auction house, in High Street, Worthing.

But after the disappointment of the auction, an interested party came forward and made an offer, which was accepted on Friday by the record’s owners, siblings Liz Chambers, of Worthing, and Chris Collins, of Hove.

Auctioneer Paul Campbell said that there was plenty of interest in the item beforehand, including from the eventual buyer.

He explained: “I think the auction came a bit too soon for the buyer, who was interested but had not made the decision to buy.

“During the days following the auction he convinced himself that it was right for him.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, December 20.