Boost for pupils with learning difficulties

The money will fund Eyegaze technology for pupils
The money will fund Eyegaze technology for pupils

YOUNGSTERS whose severe learning difficulties stop them being able to use computers will get a boost thanks to a charitable donation from Lancing College.

The college has given almost £900 towards buying Eyegaze technology for pupils at Oak Grove Community College in Durrington who are unable to use a computer in the traditional manner.

Eyegaze technology enables the user to control a computer simply by looking at it.

With the flick of an eye they can use the internet, with an artificial voice, the user can perhaps talk for the first time.

Father Richard Harrison, chaplain at Lancing College, presented a cheque for £886 to Oak Grove head teacher Phillip Potter.

The money was raised at the college’s 2013 carol service.

Oak Grove Community College is a community special school, maintained by West Sussex County Council, which teaches students with learning difficulties in Year 7 to Year 14.

Oak Grove has put the money raised by Lancing College into a fund which will be used to buy Eyegaze for its Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties Department.

The technology can open up communication for pupils with challenges such as locked-in syndrome, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

Lancing College also has links to other special needs schools, which are able to enjoy the use of its fully functioning on-site farm.