BREAKING: Five collisions between cars, vans and bikes in Worthing in last 24 hours

Collision at Durrington Lane junction with Ivydore Avenue
Collision at Durrington Lane junction with Ivydore Avenue

Police have been called to five separate incidents involving collisions between cars or vans and motorbikes or push bikes in the last 24 hours.

The first incident happened at 7.48am yesterday (Tuesday)in Offington Lane between a car and a van. There was minor damage and minor injuries.

Shortly afterwards at 7.53am West Avenue a car and a motorbike were involved in a crash. The biker had minor injuries.

An accident occurred at 6.15pm on Tuesday evening between a Ford KA and a motorbike, which collided at the junction of Durrington Lane and Ivydore Avenue.

The motorcyclist did not have major injuries.

This morning (Wednesday) at 6.41am a van and motorbike collided at the junction between Charmandean Road and Forest Road.

The cyclist, a man in his fifties, had slight injuries.

At 7.12am at the junction between Dale Road and Meadow Road a car and push bike collided.

The teenage boy on the bike had minor injuries.