‘Brilliant’ Shoreham Academy students fundraising is full of vitality

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SIXTH form business studies students from Shoreham Academy are using their entrepeneurial skills to raise money for the Love your Hospital charity.

Vitality, a team made up of business students managed by Harry Hornsby in year 12, were given £10 for a business studies enterprise challenge. The aim was to make as much money from the £10 as possible while helping society.

Shoreham Academy students just before their game against staff

Shoreham Academy students just before their game against staff

The team organised a staff vs sixth form football match, with players and spectators paying a pound. Bucket collections were also held around the school.

The money raised was used to buy fruit for a smoothie sale that ran throughout the week at the school. All profits from the sale will go to Love your Hospital.

Ash Hills, captain of the Vitality football team said: “We’ve all been to Worthing Hospital and we just wanted to give something back.”

Dave Oakes, vice-principal added: “It’s brilliant, it’s great for the staff, great for the students, great for the hospital. We’ve got about 16 members of staff playing and hopefully there’ll be a lot of people watching and we raise lots of money. It’s about the charity but also students and staff getting together.”

The charity helps to raise money and manage fundraising activities for the three trusts that make up West Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust Charities, Southlands Hospitals, Worthing Hospital and St. Richard’s Hospital.

Tina Ellis said: “The academy have been one of our key school supporters. Harry contacted me and asked if I could speak to the class and from there it just snowballed.

Last year the school helped us raise £86,000 for the new A&E department. They are very enthusiatic”