Broadwater woman’s warning after dog bitten by snake

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A DOG was left fighting for its life after being bitten on the face by a poisonous snake.

Jacqueline Steer and her husband, Melvyn, had been walking their dog, Inka, at Cissbury Ring with several friends on Saturday (August 11) when the two-year-old field spaniel wandered off to a bank.

It was then Inka “shot into the air” and Jacqueline, of Goldsmith Road, Broadwater, realised something was wrong.

At first the couple hoped it was just a bee sting, but when Inka hesitantly returned to the couple, wary of getting close to bunches of grass, Jacqueline feared the dog may have been bitten.

Jacqueline said: “She shot into the air as if she had been punched. We looked at her, thinking it was a bee sting, but then she went very, very quiet and her face started swelling up quickly. She’s normally a lively dog, so it wasn’t normal to see her like that. We phoned the vet and got her there as quickly as we could.”

By the time Inka was in the car being taken to the vet, the dog’s face, neck and chest had swelled up.

The vets quickly realised Inka had been bitten by a poisonous snake, believed to have been an adder, and put the animal on a drip.

Inka then had to be kept at Crossways Veterinary Group, in School Hill, Pulborough, for two days and was treated with adrenaline and anti-venom before being released.

Jacqueline said the poisonous bite was a warning, both to dog-walkers and those with children, to be careful about snakes in popular walking sites like Cissbury Ring.

She added: “I just worry it could easily have been a child. There were children playing not far from us, and it would be easy for one to wander off. I don’t know if it’s because of the rain, but if these snakes are out in the sun, if a dog comes sniffing around, they’re going to bite.

“Dog walkers need to be aware there are snakes out there. I think we can be complacent about snakes in this country, but snake bites do happen,” Jacqueline added.