BUSINESS: Worthing firm offers a means to fight the hosepipe ban

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WITH a hosepipe ban coming in across our area, one enterprising firm is reporting increased interest for its innovative rainwater saving system.

Green Air Mechanical Solutions, which is based in Grafton Road, Worthing, has unveiled its latest venture into installing garden-based underground and above ground water tanks – which could reportedly reduce household water bills by upto 50 per cent.

Having started out around 15 years ago, the company which established its name with a range of projects including domestic and commercial air conditioning systems, has evolved a long way.

Jamie Rawlings, of the firm, said: “We had been doing a lot of solar panel installations last year which made us think of other sustainable systems, particularly with the hosepipe bans we have had in previous years and are experiencing now.

“I’ve a family with three children myself and just know how much water is wasted from them leaving taps and showers on.

“There’s a phenomenal amount we are talking about, which having a rainwater saving tank can really help with.

“I don’t know of anyone else in the south who is doing this.” Mr Rawlings explained the tanks, which vary from 800 litre upwards, are expected to make an impact this year.

Describing them as essentially being a sophisticated form of water butt, he said they operated by reclaiming water from roofing guttering that could then be filtered for use in domestic appliances such as dishwashers and showers.

In terms of its operation, when the water contained within the tanks is used up, an internal pump switches revert to regular mains supply. While the systems are in their infancy here, the technology is in common use in a number of European countries including Germany.

“One of the other really good things about rainwater,-saving tanks is that not only is it reducing the amount of water you use, the water you get from it is soft water, which is good for showers and dishwashers. It is quite different from the hard water that you get from our mains water supplies, that builds up limescale deposits.

“We have already had quite a bit of interest from people about the tanks and I hope this will be a good thing for us. It is also helping the environment through saving water,” added Mr Rawlings of the company that employs a close-knit team of five working on installations across Sussex and the south east.

He believed the compulsory installation of water meters this spring within the Herald and Gazette area meant such money-saving and environmentally-friendly systems would become increasingly popular.

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