Claire Bradford; time to take stock of successes of your year

How are you finding the shorter days so far? With the clocks recently going back making it dark much earlier and the grey weather we’ve had this week, the temptation to hibernate isn’t far from the minds of many.

This time of year was celebrated by our Celtic ancestors.

It was believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest, and this is still echoed in modern day Hallowe’en and All Saints Day.

Most importantly, it was a time when the harvest had been gathered in, thanks were given for the year’s crops and preparations were made for the ensuing winter.

It was a time of reflection – of recognising what worked well and what didn’t, and of drawing on the wisdom of the ancestors who had worked the land in years gone by.

The long, dark nights would provide plenty of time for rumination and a fertile soil for ideas for the future.

In the 21st century, plentiful light, heating and the abundance of food shops has meant that our lifestyles often just carry on the way that they do all year.

And yet, as the leaves fall, our natural instinct is to turn inwards.

Rather than ignoring our intuition and turning the lights up, going with the spirit of the season can be hugely beneficial for us both personally and in business.

This is a great time to take stock of the highs and lows of the year so far, while there is still a little summer energy left and before all the loud hurly-burly of Christmas and New Year sets in.

Reflecting on these things now also gives space later on for creative ideas for next year to spring up.

So rather than seeing the short days and long nights as a dreary fact of life to have to work around, how about re-framing the season as a welcoming cocoon for you and your business?

Wrap the darkness around you a little and, in that space, look back on your successes, recognise your strengths and study your business ‘ancestors’ – those who have prepared the ground for you.

Make a note of new ideas and plans and be ready to spread your wings, transformed into something wonderful, when the light returns.

What have been your business highlights this year? What has gone well and what can be improved?

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