New Internet training venture in Worthing for the over 50’s

SETTING up a new business venture can be a daunting prospect at the best of times, but even more so if you have recently arrived from overseas.

Such is the case with Heather Dellar, whose decision to move to the UK has thrown up a wealth of challenges beyond the strains of re-locating.

But the resourceful businesswoman, from South Africa, has struck upon an innovative idea by helping recapture people’s happy family memories and assist with writing their memoirs.

Heather, of Mill Road, Worthing, said she came up with the idea of using her writing skills working in the promotions industry, after realising there were members of her own family whose story needed to be told.

She said: “A lot of people might think that no-one cares about what they have done, but I think that everyone has done something surprising that’s worth writing about.

“My niece and nephew told me that they’d been influenced by things that we liked to do when they were younger, like what we’d do for Christmas and some of their favourite shows, which are things that I think people like to remember.”

Heather battled through traumatic personal experiences in her home nation, which saw her attacked when she had worked as a property developer.

The incident made her realise her homeland was too unstable to feel truly safe. But refusing to be beaten, she made the bold move to come to West Sussex, where she has other family who have supported her move.

Excited about her new enterprise, she added: “My father is now 87 and he has lots of anecdotes and he has some wonderful memories but no short-term memory. His hands are now too shaky to write and, sadly, does not have the concentration to finish things, so a memoir is something that would be a legacy for the family.”

She added one of her few regrets was not having ever asked her husband to have written an account, as he had lived a life packed full of adventures.

As for herself, having gained computer programming knowledge through her work, Heather is also offering personal computer training to the over-50s.

She added: “I’ve previously taught people at home about computers and also written a handy pocket-sized book on IT, too. I want people to know they can have fun with computers.”

For details, contact Heather at or call 07546 289325.