Tattooist complains about new Worthing parking restrictions

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TATTOOIST Chris Hawkes has got the needle over new parking restrictions near his shop in Ham Road, Worthing.

Chris, who owns Buzz Tattoo, and a flat, is complaining that an extension of the controlled parking zone in East Worthing, means many of his customers now don’t have sufficient time for their tattoos to be done.

He told the Herald: “All the roads around Ham Road have had residents’ parking restrictions brought in, and Ham Road itself is being restricted to one-hour parking with no return within one hour.

“I have inquired about getting parking permits for myself, my staff and my tenant, but have been told that as Ham road is not actually in a residents’ restricted area, we are not entitled to permits and cannot get non-residents’ permits, either, as there are none available.

“The majority of my customers require over an hour in the shop... the parking restrictions look like they are going to ruin my business, but the local council do not seem interested in this and have been no help at all.

“I fear my business will have to close and my tenant will have to move out, leaving me with no income and a property I cannot sell.”

A spokeswoman for West Sussex County Council said: “We spoke to Mr Hawkes and advised him that we will be releasing non-residents’ permits as from the beginning of October.

“We told him that it was more than likely that he would need to park in Devonport Road, which is around the corner from Ham Road (non-resident permits are road specific). He seemed pleased with this proposal.

“Not all of Ham Road is restricted – only part of the area outside of the shops.”

She added: “This restriction was introduced to help the shopkeepers so that they could have a turnover of customers, rather than people parking there all day, making it difficult to use the provided facilities.”

But Chris said that when he asked at Worthing Parking Shop about the non-residents’ permits, they said “they knew nothing about it, and they did not do traders’ permits”.