Think before you drink say Worthing Pubwatch

PUB and club bosses are urging festive revellers to take responsibility for their drink-fuelled actions.

Landlords said they were angry about taking the blame for the drunken anti-social behaviour of some customers.

Diane Ball, chairman of Worthing Pubwatch, a group representing pubs and clubs, said: “Don’t blame the pubs for people being drunk, it’s the supermarkets.

“People are going into pubs half cut because it’s cheaper to drink at home and then go out.

“The door staff then have to pick up the pieces.

“Publicans get very angry about always getting the blame.”

She urged revellers to think about their welfare in terms of the amount they drank and the clothes they wore in freezing weather.

Mrs Ball said the pubs and clubs paid around £14,000 a year towards the successful taxi marshall scheme.

The marshals made sure there was no queue jumping at the rank, which could spark trouble.

Their actions had helped police curb violence in the town centre.

Mrs Ball said the pubs and clubs had not received the credit they deserved for largely funding the scheme.