VOTE: Should Worthing businesses be made to display food hygiene ratings?

BUSINESSES receiving low marks in food hygiene assessments should be made to display their “scores on the doors”.

This was the message delivered by councillor Bob Smytherman at a recent scrutiny meeting at Worthing Town Hall.

There are currently 14 businesses across Worthing which received a zero in their last inspection.

Mr Smytherman said: “The concern is all of the businesses which have scored zero, one, or two, do not display this information at all.

“It’s a very good scheme, and it has been long over-due in Worthing.

“But all the time it’s voluntary, only the good ones are going to display their certificates.”

The 14 businesses which received zero were: Yum Yum in South Farm Road, W. D. Hunt Butchers in Broadwater Street, The Jolly Brewers in Clifton Road, Golden Dragon in Broadwater Street East, Reel Café in Brighton Road, Spices Thai Restaurant in Marine Parade, Café Napoli in Rowlands Road, Fortune Inn in Goring Road, Star Local in South Farm Road, The Castle Tavern in Newland Road, Martins Meals in Station Road, Kebab Centre in Brighton Road, Picasso in Ann Street and Memosh in Montague Street.

The checks are carried out by environmental health officers from Worthing Borough Council.

Although a zero rating means the hygiene standard is poor, the council said there is no danger to customers eating there, or the establishment would be closed down.

Cathy Yasan runs a cake business from home that scored a five on its last inspection.

She thinks companies that score low should be made to show them.

Cathy said: “It’s slightly different for us because people only see our certificate if they come to pick up an order but if you are a shop then you should definitely have to show it.”

To find out the food hygiene rating of a business, visit and click on food hygiene ratings.

Julie Scrumptious owns a café and sandwich bar in Brighton Road, Worthing, which scored a five, and thinks companies would be doing themselves a favour if they displayed their scores, no matter what the result.

“It’s better to show them and have a lower score than to not show them at all,” she said.

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