VOTE: Worthing sandwich bar mural could be removed after complaints

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TWO complaints about a colourful painting above a town centre sandwich shop could see it removed if planning permission is not granted retrospectively.

Feast, in Warwick Street, commissioned the image of a giant sandwich which was painted by local artist Aroe at the start of the year.

Anthony Dickinson, owner of Feast, said: “The council has received two complaints about the image – that is fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion. When customers come into the shop I ask them their views and find 90 per cent love it and 10 per cent are not sure, but it’s good to have a debate. We think the mural brightens up the area.”

Anthony said he did not think he would need planning permission because the art did not contain any words.

“I’ve been told because of the complaints, the planning department has raised an objection because it is considered advertising and announcement.

“Apparently, when Burger King in Brighton painted a giant burger above the restaurant they had to remove it for the same reasons.”

Anthony has now applied for retrospective planning permission, and will receive a decision within the next two months.

A Worthing Council spokeswoman said: “At this stage we can confirm two complaints have been received and an application for retrospective planning permission has been submitted.”

A Facebook page called SAVE Our Mural has been set up.

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