Worthing cookery invention is ‘best in the industry’

Chef Edd Kimber at Electronic Temperature Instruments with some of the staff
Chef Edd Kimber at Electronic Temperature Instruments with some of the staff

AN award-winning baker has backed a Worthing-based cookery invention as “the best in the industry”.

Edd Kimber, winner of last year’s BBC2 cookery programme The Great British Bake Off, visited the Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) factory on the Dominion Way industrial estate, Worthing, to witness the production of his kitchen gadget of choice, the Thermapen.

The Thermapen is a food thermometer which delivers a precise reading of the temperature of food within four seconds using a metal probe.

The gadgets are exclusively produced in Worthing, and are exported to professional kitchens all over the world. However, ETI is now branching out into the consumer market, so budding chefs can use the product at home.

Edd, who has also written the cookery book The Boy Who Bakes, said the Thermapen is the first temperature gauge he has personally recommended.

“The Thermapen gives an incredibly fast response, which is exactly what I need in my line of cooking,” he said. “It really is a top-class product, and what’s best is that it’s British. It is far better than any cheaper Chinese models I have used – they are just too slow, and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.”

Edd said the device is particularly helpful when making his speciality, macarons.

“I need the temperature of the sugar syrup to be precise,” he said. “Macarons are easy if you know the exact temperature, otherwise you just have to rely on experience, which a lot of home bakers don’t have. So this tool makes more complicated recipes more accessible for people at home.”

During the visit, Edd was given a tour of the factory in Easting Close and met the workers who put the Thermapen together. From the factory, ETI exports 2,000 to 2,500 Thermapens a week, 70 to 80 per cent of which go to professional kitchens worldwide.

ETI was established by Peter and Miriam Webb in 1983, when they found a niche in the manufacturing market for the production of digital thermometers and temperature measuring probes.

The company now produces more than 40 different types of metering device, and employs 118 people.

Managing director Peter Webb said: “We are delighted Edd has chosen to back the Thermapen.

“It has been going for 18 years and we are now on its third generation. It just proves how the Brits can do this type of product just as well, and even better, than our rivals abroad.”

He added: “People sometimes don’t see Worthing as a place for engineering and electronics, but it just shows what this town is capable of.”

For more information, visit www.thermometer.co.uk