Worthing restaurant manager hits out at dog meat rumours

A RESTAURANT manager in Worthing has quashed rumours that the food he serves is made using dog meat.

Simon Cheung manages Interwok, in Chapel Road, and has had people calling him and asking him if they have been closed down because of dog being found in their meals.

Mr Cheung said every time he asks one of his customers where they have heard this, they tell him through friends or on the internet.

Mr Cheung said: “People are spreading rumours on the internet saying that we have been closed down by the health and safety people.

“The reason they put for this is that we are selling dog meat in our restaurant.

“We have got quite a lot of people saying ‘I thought you were closed down’.”

Mr Cheung spoke out against the rumours, saying it would be impossible to use that type of meat in his meals and not be caught.

He said: “It is quite impossible for any restaurant to sell dog meat in the UK.

“Even in my country you would not find it anywhere. There are people that eat dog in China, but if you go to a restaurant to find it – it’s impossible.”

Interwok received a rating of four on its last food hygiene rating, issued by Worthing Borough Council.