Call for safety measures on ‘dangerous’ Long Furlong

A COUNCILLOR has called for low-cost safety measures to be investigated for a ‘dangerous’ road, weeks after a double fatal collision.

Northbrook county councillor Robin Rogers believes the A280 would benefit from double white lines, banning overtaking on most of the winding road.

West Sussex County Council scrapped 11 road improvement schemes last January, to Mr Rogers’ disappointment.

He said: “Any death is unfortunate but I do think West Sussex County Council really needs to look at these bad junctions and roads that need some improvement.

“When there is an accident at Long Furlong, it is generally always bad. It can be a dangerous road.”

Mr Rogers, a former driving instructor, said he often had problems with ‘idiots’ overtaking learners on the road.

The cause of the collision on the A280, which tragically killed pensioners Robert and Janice O’Keeffe, of Cheam Road, Rustington, on October 24, has yet to be established.

Sussex Police is still investigating the accident.

For the full story, see the Herald, out Thursday, November 20.