Cancer charity fundraiser in memory of loved ones

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A FUNDRAISING evening in support of a cancer charity ‘overwhelmed’ its organisers.

Emma Osborne, 33, of Willow Crescent, in Durrington, and her friend Marie Mayhew, 33, of Keystone Close, Goring, arranged the evening in support of Macmillan after they both lost family members to cancer.

Jason Osborne gets his legs waxed in aid of cancer charity Macmillan

Jason Osborne gets his legs waxed in aid of cancer charity Macmillan

Just under £2,000 was raised at the Goring Conservative Club, which saw 160 people attend.

Emma said: “It was extremely hard work but well worth it. I was so nervous, thinking we have got 160 people’s night in our hands, we need it to be good for them. The compliments were flying through, saying how everybody enjoyed it.”

Marie added: “It was absolutely fantastic, and all of our hard work really paid off. We did our relatives proud.”

Hair removal helped to raise the most cash on the evening. Emma’s husband Jason, 35, and his best friend Steve Barrett-Peel had their legs waxed, Stuart Sherman had his chest waxed and Emma’s mum, Sylvia Gilbey, had her head shaved – which made Emma ‘so, so proud’.

Other entertainment was provided by Dave Benson Phillips and there was a darts competition, a raffle, a disco and buffet.

Jason said: “It was absolutely amazing, it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone turned up, Emma got a bit tearful and overwhelmed.

“I can’t wait to do it again, I was honestly overwhelmed with the support – I didn’t realise how generous people really can be for charity.”

Emma and Jason’s two-year-old daughter Sophie joined in the waxing activities, using a strip on her dad’s leg.

Jason added that, because of the pain, he would never wax his legs again, but it was worth it for the amount raised.

The decision to organise the event came after the death of Emma’s auntie Sylvia Harris, in December, and Marie’s mother-in-law a few weeks later.

Emma said: “My auntie had been poorly with cancer in her spine and to see her deteriorate so quickly was quite upsetting.

“I’m sure she would have been very proud of what we did.”