Carvery waitresses hailed for long service


Three dedicated waitresses have racked up more than 90 years of service between them – and they’re not planning on stopping there.

Christine Knight, Marilyn Mann and Linda Redman have worked for a total of 91 years at the Toby Carvery in Goring Road, Worthing.

They all intended the job to be short-term but ended up as permanent members of the team.

Christine, 57, of Lincett Avenue, Tarring, who has 27 years of service, said: “I don’t know where all the time has gone.

“I had to get a job as we got a dog and it ran up the bills.”

Linda, 61, of Adur Avenue, Worthing, is the longest serving of the group, with 33 years behind her.

She said that it was rare that people stayed in the job long-term.

She explained: “I like the fact you can leave and not have to worry about anything and you can still have a social and family life.

The final member of the trio, Marilyn, said the years had “gone in a flash”.

She added: “A friend told me there was a job going and I needed something to fit around having children.

“I didn’t think I would be here long but my hours increased and it went on and on.

Carvery manager Adam Gordon said: “I am very proud of them.

“In all my time of managing carveries, I have not seen this level of service. They know most customers by name and are great workers.”