Cat ‘left to die’ in Lancing car park

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IN freezing temperatures, a ginger cat was abandoned in a car park in Lancing.

At about 7am on Monday (February 13), Worthing and Adur Councils’ waste depot worker Jeff Lumley found the frightened cat inside a basket in the car park in North Farm Road.

Jeff, a cleansing operative, was emptying a bin when he saw the animal.

He said: “It was obviously very distressed and very cold. We contacted Paws and they said they would take the cat in. It was very sad to see an animal in such a state – I don’t know how someone could abandon it like that.”

Jeff took the cat to Paws Animal Sanctuary in The Oval, Findon.

Sanctuary owner Stacey McSpirit said “only a monster” could abandon an animal in such cold weather.

“I cannot understand how someone could be so cruel, even if they were desperate,” she said.

“We are seeing more and more animals abandoned, but to leave it alone when it has been so cold overnight is beyond my comprehension.”

It is not known how long the cat had been left outside, but the temperature in Worthing at 6am on Monday was 3 degrees Celsius, and had dipped to freezing point overnight.

Stacey said: “The cat was very cold and very frightened when he was brought to us. We have put him in a heated pen and given him plenty of food and drink. He keeps trying to climb the walls, but once he has settled he will be checked over by the vet.

“There really is no need to abandon an animal – call us, call another rescue centre if you have to but remember, don’t get an animal if you are not prepared to look after it.”

Once the cat is well, it will be available for re-homing.

* Paws also rescued another two cats this week. A pair of cats, mother and son, were brought to the sanctuary after their owner became too ill to look after them.

The cats are both polydactyl, meaning they have more than the usual number of toes. Both cats have the congenital anomaly, and have six toes on both feet.

Stacey said: “Their paws might look a bit different but they are just like any other cat in every other way.”

The cats are available for re-homing. Find out more about Paws by visiting