Caught by a cat, but Worthing bunny is on the mend

Vikki Golds from WADARS with Bella
Vikki Golds from WADARS with Bella
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BIRDS, mice and frogs are the animals usually given as “gifts” by cats to their owners.

So a Worthing woman got a surprise when her cat Angel dropped a baby rabbit at her back doorstep.

The three to four-week-old bunny is now in the care of WADARS, and if an owner does not come forward it will need to find a new home.

Animal rescue officer Vikki Golds, from Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service (WADARS), said: “The lady was upstairs putting away her washing, when she looked out of the window and saw her cat walking along a fence with what she could only describe as a ‘grey fluffy thing’ in its mouth.

“She rushed downstairs to open the door, and her cat came in and dropped the bunny in front of her. Cats often bring their owners mice, birds and frogs as a little thank-you, it’s a form of affection and love, but I’ve never heard of them bringing a domestic rabbit before.

“We have no idea how she managed to get hold of it – you wish they could tell you sometimes!”

The rabbit, named Bella, was uninjured and is now being looked after at WADARS until it can go home, or find a new home.

To contact WADARS call 0300 3030999 or email