Celebrations as New Year’s Day babies are born at Worthing Hospital

Julia with newborn Katie
Julia with newborn Katie

Seven bundles of joy were welcomed into the world on New Year’s Day at Worthing Hospital.

The first baby was born at 7am and the latest at 9.30pm, with them ranging in weight from six and a half pounds to a hefty 11-plus pounds.

Five of the infants came from Worthing families, with one from Lancing and the other from Brighton.

Julia Henley, from George V Avenue, gave birth to Katie at 9.37pm after she was induced into labour.

Katie, Julia and James Henley’s first child, had been 12 days overdue and weighed 6lbs 10 oz.

The labour ended up lasting nearly 24 hours as Katie was the last of the New Year arrivals at the hospital.

Julia, 32, said: “I was induced, so it was a celebratory New Year’s Eve on drugs.

“We thought she might be a Christmas baby, but she kept us waiting.

“It’s exciting. It’s a new start, a new year and a new family. I’m very tired but very happy and very proud.”

For the full story, read next week’s Worthing Herald, Thursday, January 10.