Census figures show Worthing has among highest levels of divorced residents

The latest Census figures have revealed that Worthing has among the highest level of divorced residents in the country.

According to 2011’s data, the area has a rate of 14 per cent of people who are either separated or divorced, which was just two per cent less than Hastings, which was identified as the town with the highest figure.

The Census revealed one of the strongest links to the underlying reasons for the figures has been the fact that average rent for those areas in the top 10 was £400, compared to £600 for the rest of the country.

It has also been suggested by some observers there is also an emotional dimension to the results, with eight with a dimen out of the top ten being popular coastal locations including Blackpool and the Isle of Wight.

Worthing West MP Sir Peter Bottomley believed the figures were reflective of the fact that th area had proved an affordable place for both families and individuals.

He said: “ No-one is happy about divorce within a community, but there should not be criticism of those who feel that is the least worst option for them.

I think one of the reasons which has made Worthing an attractive place for many people, from families to those who are separated or divorced is the fact there are a high number of gorups and organisations here that offer support and friendship.

It’s also an area that has been more affordable than many other places within the country.

I’ve had contact from people who are going through marital issues, but more often I’m contacted by those who are older and alone and are looking for referal for help.

“So I would like to pay tribute to staff at Worthing Borough Council, Worthing Homes and the churches within our area that are doing an awful lot to offer support.

I would say that Worthing is a welcoming place to anyone, whether they are married or otherwise.”