Chalet plan ‘frustrating’ for holders

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WORTHING beach chalet holders say they have been left disappointed and frustrated by a decision to change the use of ten beach chalets to arts and crafts workshops.

Members of Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee also voted to grant permanent planning permission for the existing five artist studios which are situated next to Coast Cafe.

Paul Doran, spokesperson for the chalet holders, said: “There is still no evidence of the success of the five existing chalets and still no evidence for changing the other ten into artist studios.

“It all seems very unfair, we have been fighting a battle for the last six months and the barriers have been put up at every turn.

“I do not think we lost the case fair and square because all the points that we made and all the questions that we asked were never answered in an appropriate way.”

The chalet holders presented a petition to the council containing 2,600 signatures objecting to the plans.

Mr Doran said: “We cannot change the decision but what we can attempt to do is show that the council has mishandled things. We are still pursuing the scrutiny committee and we have talked about going to the Ombudsman.

“When you get 1,000 signatures you are supposed to get a full hearing but this has not happened.”