Chaos at ‘Facebook’ party

POLICE had to be called to a Tarring home after a party, believed to have been advertised on Facebook, got “out of hand”.

On Friday, March 9, at 9.11pm, police were called to Cranmer Road, following reports of disturbances from a house party.

Officers attended the house where a party was taking place, but left about 25 minutes later without making any arrests.

Speaking to the Herald, neighbours said they thought the party had been started by a teenage girl who lives in the home while parents were away.

Neighbours said youths between the ages of 15 and late teens attended the party, which quickly grew out of control.

A 34-year-old neighbour said: “There were a lot of youths outside.

“They were frightening the lady who lives next door.

“It hadn’t been going on for long, perhaps an hour.

“There were lads throwing bottles and shouting in the front garden. I heard one say they should have stabbed a boy they threw a bottle at, so I called the police. I think the party got out of control. Even when the police arrived it took a while for the group to disperse.”

She added: “You don’t advertise parties on Facebook – that’s never a good idea.”

Other neighbours said they thought it was inevitable a party advertised on Facebook would get out of hand.