Charity seeks more canine foster homes in the area

Hanah Macey from Dogs Trust with a puppy
Hanah Macey from Dogs Trust with a puppy

A SQUEAKY toy, lots of attention, a comfy bed and tasty treat can be all it takes to cause most little tails to wag.

But some dogs need a bit more, which is why canine welfare charity Dogs Trust is looking for more temporary foster carers.

The scheme means dogs get the chance to live in a real home until a new owner can be found.

Dogs chosen are often in need of extra care due to illness, age, or because temporary kennel life simply doesn’t suit them.

Tracey Rae, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham, said: “Our policy is to not just rescue dogs, but to give them the best possible quality of life, as well as all the specialist care they need to give them the greatest chance of finding a loving new home.

“However hard we try to make the dog’s stay with us as pleasant as possible, some dogs just don’t adapt to life in a kennel.

“Our temporary fostering scheme gives these dogs the chance to live in a real home until a new home can be found for them.”

The Shoreham centre needs more foster homes, which need to be within easy travelling distance of the Brighton Road base.

Fosterers need to be able available to take the dog into the centre regularly and will need to continue the basic training as advised for specific behavioural needs.

As there are a variety of dogs and needs, foster carers can have an existing dog already, or no pets at all.

Experience is not always necessary but foster carers must be compassionate people who understand dogs’ needs.

The charity said fostering a dog from Dogs Trust can be extremely rewarding and a great option for animal lovers who want to spend time with one of its four-legged friends without entering into a lifelong commitment.

The majority of the costs are paid for by Dogs Trust, so all the foster carer needs provide is love and companionship.

For further information about fostering dogs, contact Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576 or visit the centre in Brighton Road.