Chicken goes for a walk in Broadwater

A BROADWATER family are stopping traffic with their unique brand of chickening out.

Jason Lelliott, 38, of Cranleigh Road, rescued four chickens from a battery farm in July and converted his garden shed into their very own coop.

His nine-year-old daughter Zoe-Beth now takes them for walks on Broadwater Green, to the amazement of passing drivers.

"We will end up causing a crash," said Jason, who works in a special needs school.

Raising laughs

"The chicken wears a cat harness around its neck. The looks and laughs we get from cars going past are priceless.

"We've had a couple of cars just stop and watch. It's not every day you see a chicken like that."

The chickens, named Zinger, Popcorn, Pecker and Maud, have flourished since they were rescued from the living hell of life on a battery farm.

"They were quite manky," said Jason. "But they've blossomed into lovely fluffy chickens."


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