Chief Inspector praises police volunteers

Sussex Police Chief Inspector Simon Nelson has praised the work done by volunteers to help keep Sussex Communities safe.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:23 am
There are an estimated 23,000 assaults on police officers in England and Wales each year, according to Diane Abbott

Police officers are assisted in keeping the community safe by more than 350 special constables.

Simon Nelson, chief inspector for Sussex Police, said: “During September our 357 special constables provided us with 4,750 duty hours, serving the communities of Sussex.

“Some might ask, ‘Well what did they actually do?’ but I think many might be surprised to know our ‘Specials’ are trained, equipped, and have the same legal powers as their regular colleagues.

“The police will always need to have a significant number of paid officers that ensure we fulfil our core prevention, response and investigation responsibilities. Our capable uniform volunteers help us to do that better and offer the best possible public service to the people of Sussex, as well as those who visit.”

This interview forms part of a wider investigation into the challenges facing the police service in Sussex.

Police officers in the county worked 190,463 hours of overtime in 2015-16, a Freedom of Information request made to Sussex Police has revealed.

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