Children give views on plans for playground

Lynda Spain, Clive Bramble and Willliam Boyd
Lynda Spain, Clive Bramble and Willliam Boyd

A NEW playground area on Worthing seafront could be opened as soon as August following a public consultation held on Saturday.

Held at the proposed playground site, next to the sand courts to the rear of Coast Café in Splash Point, families gathered at an exhibition revealing four different proposals for the playground.

Each visitor was asked to vote on their favourite, with the winning plans hoped to be revealed in the week.

Parks manager Clive Bramble said: “We have had a really positive feedback from everyone who has visited the exhibition. People could have come and had a good moan, but they haven’t. People have given us really good opinions, especially the children – they know exactly what they want, which is brilliant.”

One of the proposals was the Angry Birds-themed playground, as previously reported in the Herald, featuring colourful cut-outs of the video game characters. Other designs included a fisherman-themed playground, with a fishing boat and quirky wooden seaside animals, and a pirate-themed playground, with a pirate ship and treasure island.

The fourth design was an “Aquarena-themed” playground, which was inspired by Worthing seafront and features wooden play equipment.

The council has a budget of £80,000 to spend on the new park, with £46,000 of the total amount being donated by the EU.

Five-year-old Harvey Lonsdale said: “I liked the Angry Birds park best, because I like the game. But I think all of them are good.”

Harvey’s dad, Matt, 42, said: “I think this public consultation is a great idea. Something needs to be done to spruce up this area a bit.

“I really like that Harvey’s vote is also just as valued as my own.”