Children perform World Cup showcase

SCHOOLCHILDREN wowed the crowds at Sompting Festival this year with a colourful World-Cup-themed performance on Friday.

Pupils from Sompting Village Primary School dressed as countries from the World Cup to celebrate the start of the tournament.

Sompting Festival

Sompting Festival

One year-six class teamed up with reception pupils as Australia, with surfers and tiny sharks, while the other year-sixes and their reception partners dressed as chillies to represent spicy Mexican food.

Some year-five and year-one pupils represented Italy, with giant cardboard Ferraris and a fashion parade, while others represented England, with a giant coach for the Royal Family complete with guards and pupils holding up roses,

Year-four came in carnival dress and even brought along a samba band, while year three represented the USA dressed as cowboys and performed a traditional line dance.

Year two represented Spain dressed as matadors and flamenco dancers.

Deputy head Sarah Erratt-Rose said: “The sun was shining and there was a fantastic atmosphere. The children loved the dressing up and seeing everybody’s dances. They just have a sense of pride to be representing their school.”

Mrs Erratt-Rose thanked teaching assistant Sarah Buttress for all her hard work organising the dances.