Children write their own play for end of year performance

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CREATIVE schoolchildren wrote their own play about smugglers before performing it in front of their parents at their end of year show.

Year-3 children at Lyndhurst First School produced the script for their play entitled The Smugglers’ Last Run themselves.

The pupils had been learning about the history of Worthing and the role smugglers played in the town’s past.

The play was based on a battle between smugglers and soldiers which took place in Worthing in 1832.

Teacher Heidi Esser said: “They were fantastic. They did really well.”

Heidi said the children had been very enthusiastic about the topic and had enjoyed going on trips about the town, tracking the footsteps of the smugglers.

The play was based on real-life events but the children wrote the dialogue and made all the props themselves.

“The parents loved it and we had lots of really positive comments, especially about the fact that it was the children’s own work rather than a bought-in play,” said Heidi.

84 children took part in the production in front of over 200 mums and dads.

Heidi said she was very excited about doing something similar next year, based on a different topic.

Teachers Claire Whitehurst, Heather Ellwood and Kate Howlin helped organise the play.