Chipper: Learning to save the planet

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THIS week, I invited my best friend Hedgey the hedgehog over to play after school. Hedgey always has the best ideas for games.

We pretended to be jungle explorers, fighting through the giant plants and hiding from the wild creatures. We built a den in my bedroom, so we could take shelter. We put a blanket over a table and hid underneath.

I took a torch so we could make scary faces by shining the light upwards. But Hedgey said he wasn’t scared!

When the sun came out, Hedgey and I decided to go on a bike ride down to the seaside with some of our school friends.

I was excited to ride on my new bicycle I had been given for my birthday. It can go super-fast!

But when we got to the beach, we were sad to find quite a bit of rubbish.

The next day, I told my teacher what had happened at the beach, and she said a beach clean-up could make a good class project. We had been learning about taking care of the environment in our lessons.

Our teacher organised a school trip to the beach. Our whole class got to ride in the minibus, and we all took a packed lunch. We used special grabby sticks to pick up the litter and put it into bin bags. Our teacher said our class had done an amazing job. As a reward, our teacher bought the whole class an ice-lolly each from the beach café!

What have you done to take care of your local environment?

Chip chip for now!

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