Chipper’s had a great half-term break!

Country dancing at the Steyning Country Fair
Country dancing at the Steyning Country Fair

WOW! What a brilliant half-term it’s been, eh, Chipsters?

I’ve had the best time – seeing my friends, playing lots of football. It’s been brilliant!

And we even had some sunshine before the rain came back again.

I was glad it was nice on the bank holiday Monday, as my mummy and daddy took me over to Steyning for the country fair.

Have you been to Steyning, Chipsters? It’s a really nice town, and every other year they close the high street and have loads of stalls and events going on.

We had a brilliant time, I can tell you.

I tried some great samples of food, including cheese, and even got to see some animals which were in the car park – I hope they didn’t leave too much of a mess for anyone to clear up – or for people to drive their cars through!

I’m sad half-term is nearly over, but I’m looking forward to going back to school.

And, besides, there are only a few weeks until the long summer break!

I’m really looking forward to that – I plan to play loads of sport, and mummy has promised we can go to the beach one day.

I just hope the weather has turned a bit more summery by then, don’t you?!

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