Clapham residents rally to save cart shed

CLAPHAM residents are rallying together to try to save a 19th-century cart-shed, which is falling into disrepair.

Concerns about the shed in The Street were raised at the Clapham parish meeting, held at the Clapham and Patching Village Hall.

The weatherboarding on the shed, which is thought to have been built around 1875, is starting to fall away, and the tiled roof is starting to sag precariously.

Ideas to save the building were voiced at the meeting, including an application to gain listed building status from Arun District Council.

It has been estimated the structure would cost at least £25,000 to restore.

Parish council member Sally Morris said: “It is a race against time before it is listed as a dangerous building and has to be knocked down.

“It is part of the village’s history and it would be wonderful to see it as a working part of the village.”

The owners of the cart shed, who did not attend the meeting, have previously indicated the cheapest option would be to knock the building down to build a brick garage.