Club bids for extra training-ground floodlights

Albion executive director Martin Perry Picture: Paul Hazlewood
Albion executive director Martin Perry Picture: Paul Hazlewood

BRIGHTON and Hove Albion FC has made a bid to put up more floodlights at its Lancing training ground.

The club has made a planning application to Adur Council for floodlights to be built at the northernmost of the community pitches at the site just off Mash Barn Lane.

The application is now being considered by the council and residents can take part in a consultation which lasts until March 18.

The club’s executive director and project manager Martin Perry said there had been huge interest in the community pitch.

“The application for the additional three pitches did not include floodlighting, however, one of the pitches is dedicated for community use,” he said.

“Therefore, to maximise the number of hours that it can be made available for community use it makes sense to light it; otherwise use during the winter months is severely limited to a cut off time around 4.30pm.

“We want local clubs to be able to use it in the evenings.

“We already have permission for floodlights on two of our pitches at the training ground and therefore we have suggested to Adur Council that if this application is permitted, we could accept a condition that only two of the three pitches with floodlights may be switched on at any one time.

“In other words we are not increasing the number of sets of lights that are switched on at one time, but the huge benefit this gives is that it increases the amount of time the community pitch is available to the local clubs and community use.”

Residents are concerned about the impact of extra lighting intruding on their homes and the additional noise created by more people using the pitch for longer.

Commenting on the Lancing Regeneration Facebook page, Rus Rowley wrote: “Not only is it an eyesore, with the internal lighting on all night, the noise of using eight pitches at the same time on a weekend is totally selfish and unacceptable.

“There will be very few jobs on offer and very few local kids will be gifted enough to be at the Academy. It will have little benefit to Lancing at all.”

Meanwhile others on the site have backed the development.

Julie Smith said: “It’s a huge asset to Lancing,” while Leanne Cassidy said: “I cant wait for it to be open. It will put Lancing on the map, create new jobs and hopefully benefit the community.”