Community unites to send aid to Philippines

THE Filipino community of Worthing has united to support those whose lives have been devastated by typhoon Haiyan.

A collection point has been set up at Sai Cash and Carry in Brighton Road, Worthing, where people can donate food, money and other goods to be sent to the disaster area.

The shop’s owner, Danny Bagoangi, 43, said: “What has happened is very sad and I’m happy to do something for the community.”

Andre Venezuela, of Eldon Road, Worthing, said although food donations were welcome, they would take weeks to reach the Philippines, whereas money could be transferred instantly.

Jojo Tan, of Cottenham Road, Worthing, called an emergency meeting on Monday to co-ordinate the aid effort in the community.

He said he had already gathered three boxes of supplies and that he hoped to send more home over the coming weeks.

Majal Gamboa of Langton Road, Worthing, said: “If you can provide help, please do offer it because it is hard for us to ask. Just £1 would go a long way. All my resources go to the families I’m helping.”

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