Concern after tutor quits

A ‘FRUSTRATED’ councillor fears she will be left £400 out of pocket after her distance learning tutor quit amid allegations numerous members of staff had not been paid.

Vicky Vaughan was agonisingly close to completing her marketing teaching course when her tutor abruptly left, while repeated calls to assessment providers Bright have fallen on deaf ears for over three weeks. She joins countless others from across the country who say they have been left concerned and in the dark over the future of the firm.

She said: “I am feeling frustrated and annoyed as I don’t know where to go.

“I had an email from my tutor saying she was leaving due to problems with Bright and they have not answered my emails. I hope they don’t go into liquidation.”

Miss Vaughan, who works in marketing, had started the course to increase her skills, hoping to teach entrepreneurs about the subject.

It was agreed she would complete the course by the end of April and needed to book a mock teaching session through Bright – but she has not heard from them since requesting a date.

She said: “I won’t be broken. I am a determined person and won’t let it crush me.”

Angry customers from across the country, with circumstances similar to Miss Vaughan, have taken to social media to vent their frustration.

The Herald attempted to contact Bright and its chief executive, Krissy Charles-Jones, on several occasions but received no reply.

Ms Charles-Jones did, however, reply to a LinkedIn conversation and denied allegations her firm was in administration.

She wrote: “We have not been ignoring your questions and queries, but we are short staffed at present due to annual leave and sickness which is why you may have been unable to contact us.

“We are busy returning emails and messages on an individual basis and have removed all social media associated with the company to prevent hysteria.”

Miss Vaughan is hoping another assessor will take her on and she will not have to restart the course again.

She said: “I am angry as we have just been through a recession and wanted to catch the wave and diversify.

“I will continue but feel sorry for everyone else on the course.”