Concert in memory of popular couple

A CONCERT in memory of a popular couple who both died last year is being held at Lancing Parish Hall on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Dr Harold ‘Tony’ King, a former councillor, GP, music teacher and family man, died last year at his home in Crabtree Lane, Lancing.

His beloved wife Nancy died three months later.

A concert in memory the couple is being held on the on the anniversary of Dr King’s death and all proceeds will go to a charity the couple supported, Médecins sans Frontières.

“Tony was used to organising concerts and would have been impressed with the effort, enthusiasm and organisational skill the three of us have been putting into it,” said daughter Eleanor.

“Mum would have been delighted that we’re going to be playing, and singing, some of her favourite traditional Irish songs, including The Minstrel Boy.”

Eleanor said the concert was a fitting tribute to Tony, because he was so heavily involved in music-making for so many years, but also to Nancy, who, being Irish, belonged to a culture in which no celebration was complete without guests getting up and doing their party piece.

“The staff at the Parish Hall are being very supportive of the concert, partly because it’s for a highly-regarded charity, and partly because Dad was a parish councillor before he was a district councillor, and also one of their best customers for his concerts,” said Eleanor.

The music will be varied, with friends and relatives playing short pieces, as soloists or in ensembles, or singing songs, including both classical and folk music, and maybe even jazz.

The Village Band, to which the couple’s eldest daughter Mary and her husband Edward belong, will be doing a short set, and an actress friend will be reading poems by their favourite poets, William Yeats and Christina Rossetti.

The Lancing Orchestral Society, which Dr King ran as conductor and general dogsbody from 1966 to 2009, will be playing the overture to the Impresario by Mozart, Dr King’s favourite composer.

Their youngest daughter, Teresa, will be singing and playing the violin, including a duet with her daughter, Naomi, and Eleanor will be playing the cello.

Admission is by donation to MSF on the night and refreshments are available.