Considerations for a more cost-efficient property

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A static property market last year sees us looking at the predicted property trends in 2013. These trends indicate that prospective buyers are looking to make their pound stretch further.

So what are some of the options available?

l Families are banding together and pooling their resources. This means that they can live in a larger property and spread the cost of bills.

l Energy efficiency is a major consideration. How economical is a home to run? Does it have double glazing and loft insulation both of which would cut down on future energy bills?

l Property is being used to generate income. Town houses are becoming bed and breakfasts and many homeowners are taking in lodgers.

l Houses that reduce the need for transport. There is an increased demand for houses within walking distance of schools. This cuts out the dreaded school run. Garden offices are always popular as more people choose to work from home to save commuting costs and cut down on travelling time. Properties within a short distance of a train station are highly sought after as it means the daily commute is by public transport rather than car.

l Buy to let. Buying property as an investment is still a viable option. Estate agent Angela Hunt from Irving Palmer Estate agents, a member of, says: “Buy to let is one area of the property market that is really increasing because your property can generate an income for you.”