Council forces burger van to close after three days

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TWO friends have spoken of their upset and disappointment after Worthing Borough Council terminated the contract on their burger van after just three days.

Joe Wilkinson and Kevin Flynn set up at north carpark at Hill Barn Lane on Friday, April 11, after securing a three-month temporary contract to sell sandwiches, burgers, drinks, fruit and snacks.

But the council has told the pair that they have to stop trading due to complaints from nearby neighbours and moved them from the site on Tuesday.

Mr Flynn, 34, of Liverpool Terrace, Worthing, said: “People in the surrounding area are saying that it is an eyesore.

“The area has had problems in the past but we are just trying to make a bit of money and have spent thousands to get this business off the ground.

“There is sport going on there all the time and in the summer children using the park want ice creams because there are no other shops in the area.

“Just after we had opened there were people telling us we were not supposed to be there and they even phoned the police because they thought we were travellers. Some tried to park their cars at the front of the van.

“We were actually told that the council wanted our contract to end when we phoned to tell them about some vandalism that had happened.

“They said they had received ten complaints from people in the area, that the van does not fit in and they think it is going to draw more vandals to the road so they would like us to stop.”

The friends say they chose the site because there are events there all year round.

Mr Wilkinson, of Leckinsfield Road, Lancing, said: “There is sport every weekend and the local college, dog walkers, school trips and fun runs. It is just the prime location.

“It does not seem fair and feels like we are being closed due to complaints even though residents have said to us that they were wrong and have signed our petition. We would like to appeal the decision and do everything we can.”

Worthing Borough Council said: “The council did agree to site a food and drink concession at Hillbarn Recreation Ground. However, after receiving several complaints against the concession being sited there, the permission was revoked and the concessionaire asked to remove from the site.”