Council tax rates to be frozen

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IT’S “as you were” for Worthing residents’ council tax bills in the coming financial year.

West Sussex County Council, Worthing Borough Council and Sussex Police have all frozen their precept demands for 2012-13.

The respective cash demands for a Band D property will be: West Sussex County Council – £1,161.99, Worthing Borough Council – £216, Sussex Police – £138.42.

In his county council budget speech on Friday, Michael Brown, cabinet member for finance and resources, said the council had achieved “down to the last penny” its £38million savings target for 2011/12, and the budget contained “absolutely no new cuts”.

The county council is having to reduce its spending by £79 million over three years.

Mr Brown also announced that the value of a plan to accelerate a series of capital building schemes, such as new classrooms for schools, would now be worth £55 million instead of £35 million as previously announced.

Worthing Council fixed its precept demand on Tuesday.

Council leader Paul Yallop said: “It is important to recognise the partnership with neighbouring Adur District Council and the hard work of staff at both councils in continuing to deliver savings of over £2 million per year to help protect frontline services.

“This has also meant that our residents will continue to benefit from the lowest average council tax in West Sussex.”

Arun District council’s Band D precept is £161.37. Demands from the county council, police and any parish precepts must be added to this.