Council tests water at Brooklands lake for algae

Aerial view of Brooklands lake
Aerial view of Brooklands lake

THE council has taken water samples from a lake known to have been contaminated with poisonous blue-green algae this week.

Worthing Borough Council’s environmental health team is testing the samples but results are expected to take up to a fortnight.

“Currently there is very little algae on the lake and as the algal units are not free in the water there does not seem any threat,” said a council spokesman.

“The main ‘driver’ however, will be the Environment Agency – should they ever increase the risk level to medium the situation will be reviewed then.”

The news comes as Worthing councillor Clive Roberts tipped a bucket of water from the lake over his head as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The algae is an annual problem and environmental campaigners are calling on the council to dredge the lake after dozens more dead birds were pulled from the water this summer, including cygnets.

The presence of toxic blue-green algae was confirmed by the Environment Agency in July, but the council declared the risk to human health was ‘low’ later the same month, as boats returned to the lake.