Council to invest in solar panels

WORTHING Borough Council buildings will have solar panels installed in a bid to cut carbon emissions.

The “invest to save” project will see the panels fitted to Portland House, Worthing Leisure Centre and the Assembly Hall, at a cost of £368,000.

The work at the Assembly Hall is subject to planning permission, however, as it is a Grade II listed building.

The work was agreed by councillors at a recent meeting of the joint strategic committee.

Worthing Borough Council leader Paul Yallop said the investment would be paid back by the savings made on energy costs.

He said: “It is part of the European directive to reduce carbon emissions, and I think the solar panels will be very beneficial.

“We have to be forward-thinking.”

“The work on the Assembly Hall is subject to planning permission, but we hope work will begin soon on the others.”

A number of sites were considered for the panels, but the three buildings chosen were considered most viable.

A report presented to the committee said: “Portland House has un-shaded south, east and west facing roofs in good condition, with elevations at a near perfect angle to allow maximum solar radiative gain.”