Councillor blasts Pavilion signage plans as '˜tat'

It was a tale of two buildings as councillors praised Worthing Museum's advertising but condemned plans for the Pavilion's signage '“ with one angry member describing it as '˜tat'.

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 4:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:06 pm
Councillors were critical of plans for signs outside Worthing Pavilion. Pictures: Google Maps

Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee met last night to decide on plans for new signs on the iconic seafront building’s exterior, and also to grant retrospective planning approval for the now well-known facade on Worthing Museum in Chapel Road, promoting its successful costume trail.

The plans to add direction signs and advertisement boards around the Pavilion’s main entrance had been rejected before – and the committee was not happy with the revised ideas.

‘Quite cross’ councillor Edward Crouch did not mince his words about the designs: “This is one of Worthing’s most interesting seafront buildings, if not the most interesting, and I’m worried we are littering it with all sorts of tat.

“It looks a bit cheap and nasty for an extremely important listed building on our seafront.”

While some of the signs proposed were only for a six-month basis, the most controversial proved to be three metal poster frames to the left of the Denton Lounge entrance, with fears they might corrode in the sea breeze.

Many councillors on the committee called for all signage on the Pavilion to be standardised by Worthing Theatres, with consistent corporate branding.

The three metal poster frames were refused permission, as well as a further poster frame on the west side of the customer entrance door and a clear perspex Worthing Theatres nameplate, which councillor Hazel Thorpe described as ‘dirty-looking’. The others were granted.

Councillors praised the advertising outside Worthing Museum. Picture: Google Maps

Meanwhile, the large advertising facades which cover the south and east walls of Worthing Museum were allowed to stay until next year by the committee and were widely praised. Councillor Noel Atkins said: “It is the best bit of advertising we have ever done”.

Councillors praised the advertising outside Worthing Museum. Picture: Google Maps