Councillor criticises street lighting failure

NEW street lighting has left one of Lancing’s busiest roads in ‘half-light, says a councillor.

Lancing parish councillor Doris Martin says the decision to install lights only on the north side of Brighton Road between Shoreham Beach roundabout and Old Salts Farm Road has left the street’s south side in darkness.

Cllr Martin now wants the county council and contractor SSE to make improvements.

“There were two deaths on this stretch of road before the speed limit was reduced to 30,” said Cllr Martin.

“Now, with inadequate lighting, the street is even more dangerous at night time.

“Motorists would find it especially difficult to see anyone crossing from the south side of the road as the pavement and the spaces between cars are in darkness.

“The road is too wide for lights on one side only. We do not want some pedestrian to die to prove the point.”

A County Council spokesman said lighting levels had been decided based upon the road type and location and in accordance with national standards.